Project Management

Providing a level of Project Management services for our clients that are in line with internationally accepted standards.

The key elements of project management are time, cost & quality, and these are core to our delivery and management processes. Making sure to deliver projects on-time, within budget and ensuring the highest quality of execution, along with the usage of our ace tracking and reporting systems, we provide our clients with an accurate and in-depth overview for each project and throughout all the stages of the project’s development. The repertoire of our Project Managements Services includes:

Master Planning

  • Preparing an organising and staffing plan, analysing the scope of work, construction management & planning, and logistics. Evaluating and assisting in the appointment of all consultants, along with methodology, procurement and communication planning.

Schedule Management

  • Planning the construction schedule, milestones & long-lead items plan, resource management and tracking schedules. Drawing up standards & policy in line with the client’s requirements.

Contract Management

  • Preparing bidding processes, documentation, managing tender meetings, negotiation & contract support, directing reporting systems and scope of work.

Procurement Management

  • Review of drawings, specifications, and addendums.
  • Preparation of related documents such as project schedules, evaluation sheets, contract progress schedules, bidding processes, bidding guidelines and instructions, contracting modalities and the like. Establishing procurement processes and providing support to clients right from the get-go, from the stage of bidding notices right up to the signing of the contract.

Resource Management

  • Deployment of human resources, engineering equipments & materials on-site.
  • Management of facilities, construction equipment, project services & allied systems, transportation arrangements, etc.
  • Design Management
  • Design Alternatives
  • Ensuring adherence to the design process.
  • Documentation, Approval support, Review, and Dissemination.
  • Design Review and Reporting.

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