The structure of our architectural services, stands on four major pillars:

Conceptual Master Planning:

  • A conceptual design is prepared for review and approval by the client. This plan is based on the facilities program guide, site zoning, boundary survey and topographic information as provided by the client.

Schematic Designing:

  • Once the conceptual design has been approved, schematic design documents are readied for approval by the client. These will describe the position and layout of the primary structures, surrounding vehicular and pedestrian facilities, interior plans and preliminary concepts for the exterior of the buildings and site construction.
  • The documents include diagrammatic layouts of all major components associated with the project, and adequately explain the public and operational areas of the facility.

Design Development:

  • Based on the approved schematic design documents, the design development documents are created. This step includes the finalisation of all charted drawings in coherence with other building related functionaries, such as, structural, MEP, landscaping, traffic, environmental support and all other consultants appointed by us.

Construction Documentation:

  • Finalization of intricate working drawings with dimensions and all other pertinent details. These are then handed over to the commissioned contractor, for furthering the project. All statutory and municipal approvals and sanctions are to be obtained by the client.
  • We work towards achieving a deep understanding of the tenets of architecture; coupled with an equally in-depth understanding of our clients’ requirements - that’s the journey as well as the final aim of our work and creativity.

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